30. mai 2015

Happy Birthday card using mediums and stocking :)

Hi everyone ♥ I made this card for my dear goddaughter's 14th birthday.  It is amazing how fast time goes by! I still remember holding her so tenderly for the first time. And also her sleeping on my chest so her momma got a nap too ♥ I remember leaning farther and farther down on the couch so she could sleep comfortably. I sat like this for about two hours, just taking in the precious moments. I knew I was lucky to experience this wonderful moment with my goddaughter. Since she and her mom lived so far from were I lived. Every moment was so precious. I love this girl so much, that I do not even have words for it ♥The honor of being her godmother was one of the biggest gift's I could imagine. Someone thought I could be a good influence and an extended family for their precious child...That was big, and I still see it as an honor ♥

So I just had to make a card that was special. Every time I am making cards for my godkids or other very close ones. I always clam up! I just can never pour out enough in the card or in details. I truly have to work on the "good enough" bit. Because my heart says: it will never be enough. As it is when  you love someone. You just want to give them your whole heart ♥ I so hope my goddaughter knows how precious she is to me, what a gift she is ♥ So I knew she loves purple and also turquoise and also some deep pink. The plan was just to use turquoise and purple. But after some layers, I wanted it more soft. So I used a new pair of nylon stockings, the thick kind. And just stretched it to loosen up the masks.

I also used black as a contrast. I was thinking of using a very dark purple too. But I ended up with using black. I like using contrasts between white and black. They make other colors pop I think :)

 I used some mediums, also Golden Mika flakes (pearl) with some bling, to give some extra sparkle to the card ♥ It just hit me lol: this card has softness, contrast, colors and some extra sparkle. I guess that will have to do as a birthday card right lol!

The text is from wonderful Papirdesign  It says Happy Birthday in Norwegian. I also used some metal string as a contrast to the soft feathers and nylon stocking. I really enjoyed using metal string, I have some ideas for some new project's using that. Just hope my health will be a bit better, so I can create soon again ♥

Hope everyone visiting is having a wonderful day, wish you all the best. Also thank you for visiting ♥

Best wishes from Linn

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