9. mai 2015

Art Journal Page for TreL - Choose Kindness

Hi! Today I want to show an Art Journal I have been working on for a while. TreL has the store full of one of mye favorite paints! Amsterdam Acrylics ♥ So I just had to make a vibrant page to show off the gorgeous colors.
There was no plan for "design" or to look nice... but my heart wanted to express something that is very important to me. Choosing to be kind when ever I have the chance. Even when the easier way can maybe be not to care or dismiss someones needs or feelings. There is always a choice I feel. So this is what came out of that energy of generosity and kindness...
I so wish I had that color of hair, mine is red but not that red lol! Hair is so difficult to paint! I am a novice and have no formal training as you can se lol! But I am practising with all my heart and patients :) I will get there some day, but for now I love the process of "not knowing". The feeling of I am on uncertain ground and just solving one obstacle after the other. The Amsterdam Acrylics are so wonderful to work with. And helps me along the way of learning to paint faces and people. Also I had the chance to play with Wink of Stella brushes, oh wooow I am totally hooked. I could even paint with wink of stella on top of the paint! It is an pigment ink so that is probably why. the deep violet on the right of the woman is wink of stella. The vibrancy is just breathtaking! It does unfortunately not show as much on the picture as in real life. But I can promise it is wonderful!
Maybe you can see a little of the shimmer and the deepness of the color on the picture here? I used the violet on top of some painted layers. I so wish that the vibrancy and depth would show better on the picture. My wonderful friend  and designpartner Silje har written several tutorials about it. So I had to buy a couple to try. Now I want them all ♥

The background became very busy, but it kinda reminded me of scrapbooking. Like different patterned papers, layers and different textures. I was not planning as said before to paint a woman, so there is a lot of texture under her, like tape, glass beads, regular gel and so on. But I went for it anyway ♥ I did my best and that is good enough always ♥ Because choosing kindness is also about being kind to oneself. One choice at a time ♥

I hope you liked it, and hope you have a wonderful weekend where ever you are. Light and love to you all ♥


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