26. juni 2015

A soft heart ♥

For the last year I have had the best doctor you could ever imagine. I am talking about a doctor who is brave, sensitive, empathetic, wise, open and honest... She has covered for my regular doctor while he is in specializing rotation this last year. Soon he will be back, he is a good dude too! Though I wish he could be a little more open to listening about my illness; M.E. He treats me with respect and is a good guy. He is a good person to talk to and cares for his patients  ♥

But the doctor I have had this last year. Has read up on M.E, so much more than I thought was possible. She knows more about M.E than I do. Usually that is normal right? But with an illness like M.E there is so much stigma and a tug a war  on who knows best. On one hand there is now proof that M.E is a severely biological debilitating illness. On the other hand this illness is grouped as environmental psychological stress-disorder. Or that there is something wrong with what M.E patients eat, who they have in there social circle and so on.. This causes a lot of confusion. On one hand it is a SEVERE illness, on the other hand it is kinda hmm something that will pass, nothing a doctor can fix right? Also when doctors than diagnose it with different pictures of the illness, what happens then wohoo! Confuuusion! So I guess some doctors really do not want to get involved before more proff is on the table. But hey we do deserve adequate care in the meantime, right?

But this doctor read up on studies, international studies, she really dived deep in to it... and for the first time I met someone who talked to me with her heart as well as her doctor skills... I had goosebumps all over.. the feeling of being seen, respected, listened to is powerful. Also being HELPED! A doctor who saw the whole picture.. so powerful ♥

When you are used to doctors avoiding talking about the illness. Since the little knowledge they have on M.E brings them much discomfort (yeah not kidding :/ They are only human ♥) She dared to be vulnerable and honest and stand in the pain with me. The pain of not having a cure yet. Though it looks like a lot of pieces are now falling in place! There is so much hope yeayyy! Also the more doctors really read up on this rare illness, the more it will help avoiding undocumented treatments from being forced upon M.E patients.

Lucky me having a doctor who took her own actions to learn more♥... it has been wonderful. It has also been painful.. her meeting me with empathy and knowledge has also made me connect with my core.. my soul and my own needs. How is it to live with such a severe illness? It is in one way easier to meet a doctor who does not believe in the illness... Yeah they are out here, I have talked to a few *sigh*... because the focus would be to get them to believe you right?.. with a doctor who sees you, and connects.. Well I got to "own" my own feelings in a different way. I am so truly grateful for this year with this wonderful doctor... So I had to just make her a little tag, saying some heart to heart words ♥ I think she deserves to know how much she is appreciated and how thankful I am ♥

One big life lesson has been for me: NEVER EVER TAKE ANYONE FOR GRANTED... especially yourself ;) And when you appreciate yourself you have a full heart to give out to others ♥

So enough babbling LOL here is a picture of the whole tag I made :)
I truly believe what the tag says. That a soft heart is stronger. It is more flexible, it has room for all and it does not need to protect itself so much. Because it is not hard and rigid lol! You do not have to make cracks in it to function :) Get the double meaning? :D
Well hope you liked the tag, wrote her some words on the back. I had planned to make her a card, but my energy levels have not been too high lately. So better with a tag then nothing right?

Hope everyone has a good weekend, love and light to you all!

Love from Linn

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  1. Det er så fint det du sier Linn og jeg ble skikkelig glad av å höre om din fine doktor.
    Det finns sånne ekstra spesielle innimellom de som bare gjör det de skal/må.
    Klem fra et 'mykt hjerte' til ett annet :-)
    Ha en herlig kreativ helg!!



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