Hi, my name is Linn Sjåfjell :) I am a 41 year old creative woman. I live with my heart on my sleeve and enjoy being creative. Or enjoy is not the right word. I live and breath it... it has opened my mind, opened my heart and giving me a lot of courage. It has been a gift in so many ways. I have gotten to know so many beautiful souls because of it. It is a gift, a blessing and a journey ♥

I am married, and we have a precious and adorable 11 year old girl together♥  We also have in our little familiy a happy and funny  (foreverpuppy) dog ♥

Unfortunatly I am not working because of my illness M.E. I am a registered nurse and loved working as one :) Hopefully one day I can use my education again. My biggest dream is to become a Art Therapist or in some way be able to earn enough on Art, to live off of it♥

I have been creative my whole life, but was not aware of it :) I have danced almost before I could walk. But then after I became a mother there was no time for dancing lol. My sister in law introduced me to Scrapbooking and I was hooked. It has been a savior since I became sick. It has been a wonderful guide, and it has taught me a lot about myself. Especially when I got in to mixed media some years ago. Oh my, talk about meeting myself straight on! Standing with the blank canvas, staring back at me...The best thing that could ever have happened!

Do you need to contact me? My email addresse is: linnsjafjell(at)gmail.com

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