30. januar 2015

Birthday card to my daughter ♥

She is a creative soul as her mother. So I had to take it a step further with her birthday card than I usually do ♥ Of course she deserves everything I can give and teach her in life ♥ She is my heart and soul in so many ways.

She knows how to gelli print, scrapbook, paint canvases and so on... On my instagram, you can see a canvas she painted. She is a true artist my sweet little ehh big girl, I am suppose to say :D So I know she loves deep magenta the color, she loooves bling, she loves texture. So momma had to make her favorites of course.

Hope you like the card as much as she did :D

 I love love love to work i layers and layers. Also with all kind of mediums and materials. Well that is called mixed media right? I am finally allowing myself to call myself a mixed media artist. That is were i feel comfortable. I still love scrapbooking and cardmaking. I think a scrapbooker and a cardmaker is just as much a mixed media artist. They know how to combine the most amazing products, colors, texture and so on.
 My daughter loved the sweet cupcake on the card and wished it had been a real one lol! The white'ish texture in the background is Finnabair's amazing Texture paste. I have tried cheap pastes, expensive pastes and so on... and must say: there are of good quality. But I am not suprised, Finnabair is a wonderful artist with a lot of knowledge. So of course she will not put her name on something that is not good. I LOVE my pastes from her, that's for sure!!
Well that was what I had to show today. This will be the last Design work for the time being from TreL.no.  I am taking a "siesta" from design team work for a while because of health issues. But I am hoping I can get some painting and meditation done. And hopefully I am able to share more of my journey in life with you all.

I have kinda become a reclusive after I got sick. It is not easy to find my voice I guess. Not that I am not just as social and happy to share things. But when ones health issues takes so much "space" it is truly about prioritizing.

I started scrapbooking when I was working, healthy, and so on... that is not the case now ;) so I just need to sort out what my needs are.... Thank's to Marshall Rosenberg's books on Non Violent Communication and Eckhart Tolle's books on being present.. I feel I am where I am supposed to/have to be. I am working on acceptance for what is. Finding the answers and solutions, instead of being gripped by my painbody. So right now I just need to find my bearings  again. But I bet I will be creative the next months.. but it will be when the energy and time is right ♥

Though it feels really empty without my regular blogposts at TreL.no. The wonderful beautiful and inspiring  owner Linda. Has said: take your time Linn, health and family first. And I can when I have the chance do some design work. If that is not a wonderful person..... well she is. I adore her and she is also my Muse ♥♥♥

So I will update probably with more canvas and art stuff, but I really do not know what will come. So will see. Right now I am just playing a lot in my Silhouette Studio Program. Making designs, working on my skills. Also I am painting on canvas when I have time to spare or I am so inspired I just HAVE to paint something hihi!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I wish you all the best in every way ♥

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  1. Du er bare helt råååå.. Digger det når du lager mixmedia kort!!



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