31. januar 2015

The last projects I made for Papirdesign this summer ♥ ...

.....and did not blog about it. I was pretty much bedridden, so maybe that can be a good enough excuse ;)  For not sharing it in my own blog lol! As I wrote in my last post, health issues has taken it's toll on my energy and the resources to scrapbook, paint and so on. But now I am at least trying to get all my design work also in my own blog. Of course it should have been posted at the same time as it got put up on Papirdesign. The products are so amazing, but I raved about it on Fb. But forgot about my sweet little blog ♥

So here are the last design pieces I made. I had to resign in July last year. I still miss the team and wonderful Line who is the creator herself. But I had many good years on the team. So in a way it was about time anyway. No hard feelings, just a lot of gratefulness and good memories ♥

 The last card I made was this one. Look at all the gorgeous products from Papirdesign. I had never ever any problem getting ideas on what to make. ♥♥♥

I also made an Art Journal where I filmed the whole process ♥

Now I should be up to speed on what should be here I think. Hopefully the next post will be with something new. I also miss filming my process. I got a little inspired myself checking out the last video for Papirdesign. Hopefully soon the health issues will not be so dominant anymore. If just my daughter could get much better... that would be the best thing in the world ♥

Now off to have some quality time with the family, best wishes to you all ♥ 

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