31. desember 2014

Last day in 2014 and I am celebrating with an Art Journal

I want to welcome the new year with open arms for what ever may come. 2014 has been a year with a lot of different experiences. It has taught me important aspects both of myself and others. So I really needed to make this page ♥ It also was a thank you to TreL who has me as a designer on her team. Even with my health being unstable. She has the biggest heart *Linda* love you sweetness ♥
A background with gesso and here I am using Texture paste from Finnabair - Prima. Making spirals with a stick.
 I love my soft pastels, they are so versatile and fun to create with. Also I had a plan :)
 First I activated the pastel with water, but just a little. To be sure the colors covered all the texture.
 Then I started to play with water in much bigger quanta, and I was so happy to see how much color was spread just with water. No extra pastels. They go a long way!
 Just look here, I am so amazed at the vibrant colors and yet softness when blended with water. I also had to "draw" a little :) Using my India Ink. But I do need a new pen! So instead for soft elegant words. They became more childlike and playful. But maybe that was just how it was supposed to happen :)
 Here the AJ spread is finished ♥ I loved the colors and the energy it gave me... when I feel some fear or worry for 2015. I can go back and look at this page and breath ♥♥♥
 For those who may not know these are the colors of the Chakra. I meditate and sometimes it is really nice to focus on these ♥ Also as a creative being it is a celebration of colors. Before I could easily say what my favorite color was: ORANGE. Know I love them all, they are like having siblings. You are not supposed to have a favorite, right lol!?

Have a wonderful celebration of the New Year everyone! Stay safe, be careful with firecrackers and hug a lot! Love and Light from Linn

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