29. desember 2014

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas ♥

Just wanted to say hi :) I so hope for the next year that my health will be somewhat better so I can create more. I am so looking forward to Lifebook 2015 yeayyyy!

Even if my health is as now (not good) I will at least get a lot of growth for my artist soul & also my heart. Tam the creator is a wonderful artist that I just can't wait to dig deep with. Her courses are just amazing. In october I made up my mind to use some of my birthday gift money on Lifebook 2015. Talk about the best present ever, a year with creative souls and guidance with exciting classes! Wohoo! January the 1st, I know where I am going to be! Wohoo!

Now I am just aching to paint and create. But the ME is active after a busy Christmas, so I am keeping my big behind on the couch the next days lol! But mayyybe I can sneak down and at least give my books and paintbrushes a hug.... gosh I miss them soooo much!

But lucky me, I am open for what ever may come.. through art I have experienced it gives me such joy and connection. I also will say it has made me a less suffering person ♥ Acceptance for what is, as well as being here and now and say thank you ♥ I have made a "thank you" book that we write down what we are thankful for right here and now. I have a plan of making these words into some kind of art... it just has to manifest first lol! But it is getting there.

Also with my daughter sick, the perspective on life changes. We live and breathe what is now and make the best out of the situation we are in. To worry about something I cannot fix right now, is futile. With ME I use my energy as wisely as I can. Thankfully also through art journaling I can vent out some of the fear and frustration, so I get back to presence. Yeayy art is the best, right?!

Have a wonderful week everyone, filled with lots of belly laughs and kindness ♥

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