2. desember 2014

Happiness is homemade - Altering a notebook

Hi sweet souls! What are you doing this fine day?! I have been creating something again.  My workspace is still totally a mess. So I had to move to the kitchen to make this one lol! BUT I am seeing potentially a date that my room will be functioning as it should again! I have at least four different ideas for film tutorials. BUT I have to get my room in order, or there will just be chaos. I am very neat in some ways. I like structure in my creative space! I can not handle clutter here for too long. Well now it is chaos, so my brain almost melts when I take a look around! 

BUT now I have gotten one corner (!yes corner) done! I can see the floor, I can see half of my desk. So I hope my health will be ok tomorrow again to dig inn to the big wall behind me. There is the chaos. I have to sort alooot of things out. I also never ever throw anything away! I am a girl who loves the envoirment and have enought tough time buying a lot of papers I might not need. But I recycle them for sure! Soo I just have to have room for everything! It also helps the need for shopping, cause my room is full. So then I do not need more paper or stuff that I can not use in the near future... So if just the ME in my body can go on a looong vacation I could get a lot done! LOL!

But I am sooo glad I got to design this for TreL. I am so honored to still design for her. Even if I do not have the best health.. Linda the owner sees more then my illness. I can never ever thank her for her kindness and support... Glad i dæ Linda mi ♥ This book and all the products used are in TreL's shop!!

I am soo glad Rubons are coming back! I love rubons!! These are so sweet!

Love my Inktense pencils, I use them often! My daughter loves them too ♥

I can still remember the day I got my hands on my first bottle of Acrylic Glazing Liquid... it was like my mind expanded ten folds! All thanks to a wonderful gorgeous amazing smart soul LINDA ♥ ! She got it for her store, and asked if I wanted to try it out. Oh myyy I have never looked back! She is by the way my Muse. Seriously, if I am in a rut... she could just say a couple of words and I would just jump up and down with ideas! 

 Sometimes I really need my gold to not be like to "yellowy" so by adding some silver I can make the color colder. That is what I did here, just to make it be the same color palette as the Fran-tage embossing metallic's. It worked out pretty good I think!

 Ohh how I love my mediums lol! I love love love texture!!

Here is the finished backside of the book. I am a fan of bohemian-grunge-hippie-style lol! It feels kinda like myself ♥

Detailed picture from the back. Washitape with sticky back canvas works wonderful together! Look at all those lovely crackles! Finnabair has her own amaaazing line of mediums. They have wonderful quality!

Here is the front after it had dried and it really fits my style. I am going to use this book to scribble down my creative ideas. Why is it always so that the ideas and intuitions come when I am far away from my creative space. Also often in the middle of the night! So it will be good to have a new book by my bed and in my purse when I go out! I have tried to write it on my mobile, but nooo I like the old fashion way! I want to scribble and draw too! So a good old fashion book works best for me!

Also I have to show you something amaaaazing! Glittersheets! I mean come on, my heart could just stop in amazement! I have some plans for sure with this. Stars - Christmas! I hope it will be as good as my idea is lol!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Lots of love and light to you all!


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  1. Denne var knallstilig!
    Du har en flott og spennende stil!



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