1. september 2014

The story of us ~ layout using multiple layers and mediums

Finally a new layout to show you all Just made for me, not for any challenge or product design. It was very nice to just play, create and just get down on the paper what my heart was telling me

I found an old "plan a page" thingy from EK success while I was cleaning my little creative space. When I saw it again it just hit me, hmmm, this could be a cool stencil, right? Yep! So I just had to test it out, I also knew what dimensjon and colors I wanted to bring to the surface. So to get that, there are several layers of paints, mediums, drawing, Lumiere, Liquitex products and other stuff. I was kinda in a trance while making it. I went so deep in myself while just creating this page. So yes there are A LOT of details on this Layout lol! 

*Just a little tip:
I have used the light molding paste for the frames, so that the Bazzill cardstock would not warp to much when it dried. Using more heavy paste's and also heavy Gels, when it dries it could really warp and drag the paper way to much. So light and soft is the way to go when using regular cardstock as the background.

The Bazzill was originally white lol! I was debating to cut away the white*ish Bazzill but after talking to my girlfriend who also scrapbooks. We both agreed it gave it the authentique rough feel to it. So I kept it grey*ish and rough and not perfect. I am okay with that

 The topic kinda put me in a deep trance not just the mediums lol! Because the page is about the love i feel for my husband. Who literally rocked my world from the time he made his move No one can make me more mad than him, or sad, or happy or make me laugh so hard I could pee myself! The whole page is about my love for him as my best friend through the toughest and best days. What ever comes our way or we meet on our way, we are always best friends first. We both know that what ever may come, we will never loose our connection as best friends and parents to our beautiful daughter.

This picture is a sweet memory from a social gathering we were attending. I love my hubbys face here lol, halfways in a smile When the person taking the photo says kiss kiss kiss! A very dear friend took this picture, and this moment was very precious ♥ 
 The rank of flowers and leaves are made first by a layer of gel medium on top of the molding paste background. Then I painted it in several layers, to get the effect in colors I wanted. The frame is originally craft colored, but since my picture was black and grey, I did not like the brown tones to the picture. Also I wanted it to pop. So I have embossed it several times in layers, then I have painted and dabbled here and there to get the effect I wanted

 The string of "diamonds" are from my daughters chandelier that I upcycled. Could not throw away such nice scrap lol!
 The Star has also gotten several layers of mediums and paints. Also more embossing, but not covering the whole star. Than I layered some bling behind the star and used some metal scraps inside it.

I guess this is a good start to getting my creative juices flowing! I hope for more time in my creative space soon. But first it is getting my daughters room finished and getting the * to do lists shorter and my energy to last longer. But hope this gave me the spark to start creating again on a regular basis

Have a good day everyone, love and light to you all ♥

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  1. Helt fantastisk Linn!! Opp på veggen med det!!

  2. Sier som Marianne; opp på veggen med det!!! Helt, helt fantastisk flott - I LOVE IT!! :D

  3. Tusen tusen takk alle sammen, guriland så snille dere er :)

  4. Rett og slett kjempe nydelig!!!! Enig med Marianne, opp på veggen med det ♥



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