5. september 2014

Fester's sister maybe? Can you see the resemblance lol! New layout to show you!

Hi everyone! Believe it or not I got another layout done! Its true hih in the same week! Yayyy! I even made it for Trel.no ♥ This shop is amazing on getting different kinds of mediums and exciting products ♥

This is of my sweet wonderful lovely goddaughter ♥ We love to be in each others company and love to play. So of course when it is Halloween we got to go all the way and just have fun. In Norway it is not that custom for the grown ups to get dolled up or even do that much with decorations. Well we went all the way, and the kids loved it! 

But I scared some kids and also some parents lol! I had to look really scary or awful lol! When I saw the picture I could easily see that I look like Fester's long lost sister! I mean the eyes and mouth are just the same, right! I am proud! Fester is a good guy, so I bet I am the sweet sister he never had hihi!

Here is the layout, hope you like it!

I kinda went just as crazy decorating this layout as I did on Halloween lol! But it was sooo amazing to be creating again!! 

 And I love using mediums, and had to play with some Marabou structure glitter gel. As you can see on the picture over here. It got really silvery when I put it on thick, and thin it became just itty bitty spots of silver. Loved it! 

 I also used some decor stuff I have left over after a upcycle project for my daughter. I think I will use those strips several times! I loved it with mediums!

Do you see the letters? Well that is the left overs after a alfabet sticker sheet I had. I am a huge fan of taking care of things I can use as either stencils or masks ♥ I am addicted to stencils lol! I am saving up for a Silhouette Cameo. I have wanted one for a looong time! When I get one it will be a lot of stencil design that is for sure!!

Well enough babling for today, hope you enjoyed the layout and liked the details :) Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. må sånn le når jeg ser denne LOen, dritt kuul er den, og bilde det snakker for seg selv.. Du rokker ♥



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