31. august 2014

An update on how life is treating me and my loved ones...

Hi everyone, I have had a long siesta. But it was just what I needed! I am not totally back to making several projects a week. My daughter has been sick for some time and my own health has been through the ringer too. To be really honest the last couple of years has been really tough at home. Luckily we are good at taking care of each other and staying strong. But sometimes it has been almost to much to carry. But hey you get strong when you have to carry big burdens, right! So no giving up or just not caring here. One day at a time

So the creative juices has not been the best, is safe to say. Though I have had some fun projects over the summer. I am "upscaling" our daughters room. It really needs a tweens feel and a place where she feels it is her little world of freedom. So that takes much of my focus still. My energy is not as a normal person without ME. So I have to portion out how much I commit to every day From Millan.Net

But I have done a little every day From Millan.Net I have made her a homemade "chandelier, upcycled one other lamp. Painted some shelves and been on ebay to find cheap decals and other cool stuff. Since my hubby also was sick a period last year, our budgets have been very low. But where there is a will there is a way. I love DIY and upcycling! It is good for our planet and also good for our wallet lol!

Here is a bad picture of the Chandelier! I will take better pictures when the room is all done. This was taken with my cameraphone at night. NOT the best quality lol!

I have also been painting again on some big canvases. But they are not ready to show yet. I have trouble with my energy level, when I have too concentrate for long periods of time . So small steps or small brushstrokes here and there. I hope to at least finish a couple of big ones before Christmas. Also some small ones for my daughters room. They are also almost ready, just some last finishing touches and they can be mounted on the wall It is a series of three canvases, just easy ones. One with her picture on tissue paper, one has a quote and the last one is abstract. I believe they will go good together on her wall.

Tomorrow I will share a new layout, believe it or not lol! AND it is just for me, not for any challenges or Designer project. Just me working my creative muscles, they seriously needed some TLC! Gosh I used more hours than expected to get it done. But I loved the process and just enjoying creating without any restraints

Here is a sneekpeak of the layout From Millan.Net

Hope you all have a good week. 

Here we are going to stay at home tomorrow *whistle*. Both my hubby, Mia and me have gotten the Norovirus for a visit. So best we stay put så we do not spread the virus to anyone else. 
Autumn is here and that is when viruses likes to come for a visit lol! But outside it is summer still! I have never ever experienced such a wonderful summer here in North of Norway! It has been amazing! No need to go anywhere, it has been like living in paradise the whole summer!
Lots to be grateful for, that is for sure

"See you tomorrow!" Sleep well those in my timezone and those not, have a good morning/day/afternoon/night lol! Best wishes to you all

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