24. januar 2014

My ME has been acting up again..

so I have not had energy to update the blog only my fb page ;)

Not even Christmas blogposts are here!! It got hectic with Christmas and than and also I got sick. But better late than never right ?!?

This I made for Christmas for Trel.no, there is even a little video me showing how to do it.
It is pretty easy to make and takes not that much time :) The heart I made with paperclay and also stamped in it with clear stamps while wet.
My mom thought I had bought it in a store. I was pretty happy with it :)


For Papirdesign I made several Christmas projects. Every year I get in the Christmas spirit, when I get my DT package with the Christmas line :) Lucky me to have this experience for years.

 Here I have lit it in our window. While we still had snow outside. It disappeared before Christmas and has not yet come back. We are used to snow this time of the year.  

I also made a Christmas ornament:

I gave this to my mom for Christmas, she loves homemade decorations :)

I also made a candelabra trey (?) (is it called that lol, I am not sure) But the function of this is for every Sunday in December we light a candle.  

 Here you can see two of the candles lit, two more Sunday's to go before Christmas ♥ I know to be careful with paper and real candles. That is why I am using big big candles and not to much paper on it :) We had these lit every day when we ate dinner and also did Christmas preparations. So when Christmas came, the Candles had still a lot left before it came to the paper ;)  But I also made the decoration so loose, that if it got burnt down to much. I could just slide it off the candle and put it on another one :)

Without the flash you can see how wonderful it shines. I can never ever get enough candles. I love the warm light from them. They also are pretty wonderful at keeping our living room warm. When I start lighting candles, my hubby has to turn off the heat lol. 
 Here I also made a card and a DIY Tealight holder. A lot of details as usual. Also glitter effect, got to have glitter right?
 I love this patterned paper, it has different kind of recipes on it for Christmas. I love the different fonts and also handwriting.
 Well then I hope I am pretty up to date on some at least. I just got some other projects that are not Christmas left to show you. So more to come, hope my energy will be stable for a while.

Have a wonderful weekend, best wishes to you all ♥

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  1. Så godt det var å se liv her igjen.. Mye nydelig du har laget til julen. ♥



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