12. februar 2014

I won yeayyy, so so happy!

I had so much fun at CASAkos some weekends ago. It really kickstarted my Art Journaling again. The challenge was perfect to get me going. Skorpionen is a veryyy talented Art Journaler and made this challenge. So off course I got inspired by her challenge.

What came out of me kinda shocked me but also made me very happy. I love contrasts, and I love Payne's grey! It is not black, it is not grey and it is not blue. It is all of them lol! So I just went to town with this color. Wow soo dark, yikes Linn what are you doing I thought lol! But then I just let myself get into the moment and just act and paint.

A lot of layers and mediums and other stuff on here ;) Fun fun fun! I like using fabric in my layers of medium. I can never get enough texture. I like making pages you would feel the urge to touch with your fingertips ♥

So when the challenge was over, I was randomly picked as the winner! Thank's to the work colleague who picked my number lol! I won two gorgeous Colorations sprays for Art Anthology. I have never used this spray before, so I am so looking forward to making them my best friends :)

Have a great day everyone!

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