23. november 2013

Art Journal with many layers - NEW videos showing the process!

So happy to get this videos uploaded now. A lot of film-time I had to edit though. Hope you enjoy watching, and if you have any questions let me know. Also hope you would subscribe to my You tube channel ;) More videos to come in the future. Planning several right now and hopefully I will manage my time good enough to make a couple before Christmas. If everything just goes as planned :)

Part 2

Here is the finished spread in better lighting :)

The house is made kinda childish. From a dream perspective. It was not meant to look authentic, but more as an innocent dream filled with hope. The red and white is the colors from my childhood memories of houses. It reminds me of watching Emil on TV every saturday♥
See the roof, love the Marabou glitter structure gel in Graphite. I also wrote some words in the hearts.
 Closeup of the Washitape-transfer. Transfering is so easy. Almost any kind of tape, glue and so forth can be used. BUT if you want an exact transfer. Other mediums should be used. For example for a photo transfer on canvas on wooden board. Then GAC and also Polymer Medium products from Golden are the best.
 See the gorgeous inked edges also on the tree? Love that color♥ It's called Teal Damask and is a Fluid Chalk Ink
by Ingvild Bolme.

Thank's for stopping by, hope you liked the videos and post.
Best wishes and light to you all

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