1. mars 2013

Fun with tags

Hi this is a post of different tags I made in desember, some are also from a weekend promt at CASAkreativ.no. It is so fun to create on tags. The freedom and the feeling of just going for it, not being concerned if it is enough. It is just a tag, right? I also use tags like many others to test out techniques and work very randomly without a plan. Love it!
 This first tag I have used paper and embellishments from Papirdesign. The background of the tag is Distress Ink, I think it was Scattered Straw. Beautiful combined with deep red...
Here is a transparent tag made of some old packaging :) 
 It is hard to catch on camera how much the heart sparkles also the glass sheers some places on the tag. I wanted it to look frosty and icy :D
Can you see that the plastic background is embossed... also hard to catch on camera lol :)
Bird food:
This tag was made for our Christmas Calender 2012 for CASAkreativ. The prompt was use a medium of some sort :) I made the tree out of Paperclay, the bird food is made of Gel medium and Earth Textures from Elements. The birdfood on the left I made by using fibers called Bast in Norwegian. Sorry I can not remember what it is called in English! The snow is both snow writer and Molding Paste.
Happy Birthday:
 This tag I made for my Godson Christian for his birthday. Most of the product's on this tag I got for Christmas from the best girls in the world ♥ They know who they are ♥
This tag was made for a sweet girl on CASAkreativ ♥ Lot of layers on this on lol! To bad the picture does not show that the hot air balloon has some gorgeous shine to it.. I used Goosebumps shimmer, it is awsooome! Also used Goosebumps to transfer a book page to the tag background. Goosebumps is an amazing product ♥   

The next 3 tags were made for a weekend promt at CASAkreativ. It was so amazing, we did not know what the end result would be. Because Asil the Promt boss lol, just told us one step at a time. So we had no clue on what would come, what we would use and so on. It was so fun to work like this, halvway blindfolded lol. I truly love these tags...
I got it:
They became very symbolic and told me what I needed to hear right then and there.. They also baffled me because it was so unlike my usual style which I think is kind of simple and calm...
Strength is hope:
This showed me everything♥ I did not know that it would become this, seriously it just manifested ♥ it!
Pure Friendship:
This last one I totally saw it would be for my best girlfriend Jojja. She has had my heart since we were 18 years old ♥ The tag says: Perfect (real) friend, unconditional love..

That was all for now, a lot more to come. My little puppy is getting pretty big now, so he can now sleep on his mattress in my "art" room. Got my light source yesterday, so now I am redoing my creative space. I am planning some new videos, so I need my space to be workable lol. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Yeayy it just dawned on me, it is Friday *happy dance*.

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  1. Wow så mye flott du har lagd her Linn! Stum av beundring, helt lost i alle dine flotte teknikker og kunstverk her! Mye fine farger og masse kreative ideer, TUSEN TAKK for at du deler!


  2. Så mange lekre tager du har laget!



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