7. mars 2013

AJ - What do you see?

Hi everyone, I so miss my creative space. ALOT going on at home, so no time for painting or scrapbooking. But something to look forward to right? Here is an AJ I made a while ago.
The eyes are from a stamp from Dyan Reavely. I just stamped the same eye on a flat rubber stamp to get the mirrored effect. Under the eyes are some personal notes ;) This is not my usual serenity page or spread. Sometimes life is messy, so can an AJ spread be, right? Under the layers of paint, I transfered a map to the page. Symbolic for me on this page. I miss traveling, miss the summer so I am very much looking forward to spring and hearing the birds chirping outside ♥

Have a good thursday everyone ♥ My heart my daughter is home with the flu, so today the plan is to take care of her and just be♥

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