5. februar 2013

New videos in the making...

..that is why my blog is quiet. It could look like I am not making anything, but since the New Year I just want to create all the time. Also with the loss of my best friend, it is soothing and connecting in a way. I still dont sleep a night without waking up thinking about her. She is the first that pops in to my mind. I talk to her in my sleep... in a way I "have" her with me... sounds maybe little corny. But I guess that is my grief process... also her words of not hiding anymore, being brave... I have just started♥ I will keep posting the AJ's and Mixed Media in this blog too. But more heart to heart posts like this one... will be in my other blog: linnsartandsoul.blogspot.no. It just feel's right. Art is for me very personal. Scrapbooking and cardmaking is also personal, but not as deep. Does that make sense?? LOL, yes I know I am kinda weird *smile* but hey I am soon forty and starting to accept myself. I guess it is about time, right?? So it is not about over sharing and putting my soul on paper. But more about my perspective and reflective thinking... difficult to explain♥

Hmm I wonder if I have some AJ's I have forgotten to put up here.... *looking*...... oh my... Its alot of them missing here. Well I will put up a couple, some of you have probably seen them on CasaKreativ.
 I have put this up on FB also at TreL, but forgot my blog. I seriously got to get my act together. *working progress* Love my green girl, she looks very much like my girlfriend who has past away. But she was even more radiant♥ My red hair and her face. 
 *getting my act together* on paper lol!
 Don't like this one that much, it was to one of our CASAkreativ AJ of the month prompts. We had to use something from nature. I went out and got me some leaves.... also I had some bark, sand and other good stuff... Meeeh it is still off, something... but I accept that it is how it is. Not going to change it.. maybe I will see something I need to see, in a while.

Seriously... pink, NOT my fav color on an AJ, but also for a prompt/contest. But it was fun. The theme is: When we grow older we also get "heavier". It is because we have so much knowledge. That our brain don't have room for it all. So our body's have to retain the knowledge... now I understand everything lol! I must be seriously smart *giggle*.

Well that was all... or probably I could fill up with more. Probably......., but this has to do for now.

Have a good night everyone, 
be safe, love with an open heart and accept yourself just as you are ♥ 

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