24. februar 2013

Creative Journal - Videos for TreL

Hi everyone ♥ Alot to show today, I have made three videos since my last post. Fun!! But I need some more lights in my space. So waiting for Ott Lite light bulbs, let there be light lol! I have an Ott Lite Desk lamp and it is amazing. Using a regular lamp beside it really shows the difference. The regular light is yellow and straining on the eyes. But the Ott Lite is the best and where I live it is dark half the year. So I need good light sources that's for sure!
So these videos are pretty dark for my taste:P But it's the best I could do at this time. Here are the first 2 videos:

Here I am showing the wonderful AJ book from Dyan Reaveley (my comments are in Norwegian, since I am showing it for a Norwegian store) :

In this second one I finish a spread in the Creative Journal. Here I text in both Norwegian and English ☺

Here are som pictures of the spread:

I have so much more to show so I will put up another post later today :) Happy sunday everyone ♥

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