5. juli 2012

Summer Cleaning!!

Hi folks!! This is just crazy, I have just totally abandoned my blog!! I did seriously not realize it was so long ago since I posted anything. In all fareness I have posted on forums and other blogs. But totally forgot to keep my home nice and tidy. So I know now never let it go so far like FOUR months between blogposts. Ok if I had not made anything and just did not have anything to say, then it would be all good. But I totally do! I have alot to show you and also talk about lol! I got a little put off by the new blogspot layout. But hey if we in life avoid everything that seems complicated, we stop growing and learning. So that is NOT gonna happen *lol*. I want to challenge myself everyday to broaden my horizon and let myself shine a little more:) We will see how it goes lol! I know it will be fun thats for sure♥ Ok so I will post alot to catch up. I have been doing stuff since march lol!! Art Journals, Cards, Tags and Layouts and I also have made a couple of tutorials:)

AJ - Colors bring me happiness and helps me follow my Dreams
I made this for a challenge on our wonderful forum CASAkreativ.no. Every month we have a new challenge that inspires me alot♥

I also want to show you a layout I made in April. It was a feature at CASAkreativ for KREATIV HOBBY. Where I got to play with an awsome stamp. 

Is it not just perfect! I was so happy to play and create with it♥
It is so versatile, both for cardmaking, Layouts and offcourse my passion in mixed media projects and also Art Journaling. I love me some stamps like that hihi!

Here is what I made:
The gorgeous orange alphas and the chipboard stars are from Papirdesign

I have promised myself to start making more layouts again. It is always a balance on how to manage the time in the creative state. So I just have to prioritize making more Layouts. Because I truly looove it♥

Here is also a card I made using the stamp:
The white border thingy is paperclay. I made it by using a homemade mold and a stamp and then I used paperclay to make the embellishment:) Look how awsome the coffee spill stamp works with paint. I loved it! The little bird is from Prima, made by the wonderful Ingvild Bolme.   The patterned deep pink paper and the tag Grattis is also from Papirdesign♥ 

Well I guess this blogpost is long enough, but I have more for April to show you. So I will start on a new post and hope to have it posted before the weekend sets in:) Now I am off to soak in some sunshine. The weather has not been what I would define as summer weather. So when the sun is beaming, I want to feel her. I hope even to get som freakles and some color. Right now I could totally be in a vampire movie lol. White as white can be *laugh* 

Have a wonderful empowering day! Happy hugs to you all♥

4 kommentarer:

  1. For en flott LO, aldeles nyyydelig kort, og jeg elsker de sidene med AJ! Digger alle firkantene og tagen og fargene!

    Klem, Anne.

  2. Nydelig Linn, den første der har jeg ikke sett før.. Mmm

  3. Så herlig med en oppdatering her inne igjen:):) Alltid kos å se når det er noe nytt fra deg.

    Flotte sider du har laget:)

    Håper du får en fin sommer:)

  4. HERLIGE ting du har laget!!!!! <3
    Elsker ekstra den venstre Aj siden du har laget, med alle fargene! I'm in loove!



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