9. august 2011

Art Journaling ~We are all one~

I am a very bad blogger, and have to accept that is how it will be for the time being. My health is my first priority. BUT I have set a goal to at least put something on my wall at least once a week. That cant be to hard, or LOL? Time will tell what the answer is hihi. It can be tough when I start the new medication for my M.E. But hey, to have goals is good right!?

I have probably about 12-14 cards to show, but today I want to show my last AJ. It grew out of the terrible incident here in Norway. It is not directed for anyone, but more my take on what my soul wants and feels like telling:)

The very odd thing is I dreamt the day before we went on vacation about a man on a rock, there was nature, water and the sun set. This was eight days before all this happened. So I painted this man on the rock in my Art Journal. Did not finish it but had gotten some layers down. Well I did not think of the picture before I came home from my vacation. Then saw the page I had painted, and I just froze. I can not paint on it anymore, I just see someone calling for help. This is kinda strange experience. I have never felt like, this painting or that painting has struck me with these kind of chills. I was about to paint over it, but my hubby said: Linn wait, leave it be and see what the future holds. So thats what I am doing right now.

But this one I want to show you is a positive loving, and full of energy! Hope you all like it. Its alooot of pictures. Because of all the details that my camera cant capture in one take:)

 The text is inspired by my daughter. We attended a peacful and lovly march of the memory of the fallen in Norway and survivors. One of the people who spoke talked about: taking back the power and we should fight for our rights. My daughter then looks at me with her big blue eyes and said: Mommy does he mean we should go to war? It resonated somewhere in my soul. How we all affect each other, and that my dream is that we connect as one. With all the beauty of being different from one another. I explained to my daughter, that the boy who spoke, was in deep pain and agony. Were my daughter says, it is so sad that he is in such pain.

 The "branches" is all kind of lace and molding paste. The reason I have chosen purple. Is because when you look at a tree in a vibrant sunset. It almost looks purple to me :)

 Why I have chosen Bricks in my tree, is the symbolism of a sturdy foundation. That we all need it, and how important it is to have a strong foundation. Strong does not mean, powerful or ready for a battle. But more the safety and continuity of a steardy foundation.

The whole text on the pages are:
We all have the same picture, but see it from different points of view ♥

We all have an important piece of the puzzle, 2 the big picture.
We just forget that we have to put them together, 2 see the whole truth.
So instead of competing on who has the best piece of the puzzle...
It would be enlightening 2 understand that all the pieces are just as important.
We need to connect, work together acknowledge our differences. Use them as treasures not as a competition. We all come from the same material, we are all one

(I also wanted to put down that the knowledge I have today which I believe is right, does not mean I will know the same tomorrow. That I want to live with the honesty in my heart, that I dont have all the answers. But by knowing that I am open to learn and see more of the puzzle pieces. But I ran out of space to write LOL!)

Well that was all folks hihi! My take on life right here and right now. It is such a joy to paint, I am far from experienced. But believe every prosess is just as important. To put a label on it as good or bad, just suffacates the chance for growth in my mind. Have a wonderful week everyone! Lots of love to you all ♥

5 kommentarer:

  1. Åhhhh.... kjære Linn, dette var utrolig vakkert!! Og du skriver så flott, du beskriver dine følelser på en slik fantastisk måte. 'grøsser litt av den drømmen din forresten'
    Tilbake til AJ'n. Helt nydelig tekst og så utrolig sann. Mye symbolikk her og mursteinene og puslebrikkene var virkelig flott. Fantastisk struktur og energiske farger.

    Du lyser opp tilværelsen min du kjære Linn

    mange gode klemmer

  2. Flott bilde!! Koselig å møte deg i kveld! Klem Vivian

  3. Teksten din rørte ved meg, og det treet var nydelig. *klem*

  4. uuutroolig stilig!! takk takk for titten, inspirasjonen falt over meg! ha en fin fin lørdag du og dine



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