4. januar 2010

Finally something new from me :0)

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the start of the New Year has brought you much joy and exciting things!! I have such a good feeling for 2010, I do believe it will be exciting and mindblowing :0))))

I really could fill ha whole page of new creations, but unfortionatly they were christmasgifts and I forgoooot to take pictures before I gave them away! It really bugs me I must say but, heyy thats life sometimes..

But what I want to show you all is a decoration and a reminder I want to keep on my wall in my scrapbook room. I am a philosophical soul LOL. I always wonder why this and why that and really want to explore both my innerself as the world outside me.

Becoming sick has in a way been a blessing for me. Even how much pain I have suffered, and how much I felt I had lost myself and my social life. I was forced to look inward and start sorting out what was important in my life. Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra has helped me find my peace inside. I feel a serenidty I cant remember since I was a child. I think I see the world somewhat different. How easy it is for humans to function on autopilot and dont stop and just BE. Just be in the moment and not act, not respond, not have tonns of thoughts that dont matter in the moment... Just accept the moment and the beauty in the moment, the first time I really "got it" it was mindblowing and warm happy tears in mye eyes.

My mom said something when we were eating our christmas dinner that inspired me to make this wall decoration. She said: To be surrounded by people and family who really show empathy, compassion and unconditional love, is what really makes life rich and gives it a meaning. It is so so true. Thanks mom for inspiring me, love you!

Here is the wall decoration I have made, using Chipboard as the stiff background and all the mixed media mediums I have used on a thick watercolor sheet, about 200 grams.

I have used alot of products on this one. Gesso, Molding Paste, Crackle Paste, Distress Stickles, Distress Crackle Paint, Claudine Hellmuth paints, Glimmermist, stamps for Prima ( LOOOVE Prima clearstamps!) Also used some stamps to make texture inn the Molding paste and Gesso.  The elements I have used from paper is mostly from Prima, except the angel which I have printet out for the internett on Matt Photopaper. Then transfered it to the background by using Claudine Hellmuths Multi medium. (most gel mediums can be used for transfers with a little practise)

*Remember click on the pictures to see more upclose*

 I have also made transfer of Prima Papers by using packing tape, just to get a thin layer that is see-thru :0) Sooo easy and so fun fun fun! I have also used Liquid pearls on the hearts and on top more Rock Candy Distress stickles. I bought my Rock Candy just before Christmas and it is already almost empty LOL! Yeayyy for Tim Holtz and Ranger, and also Prima!!! What treasures we can by and make to our own personal treasures!! Most of the mixed media products I have bought at www.trel.no. Such an awsome store, and she really listens to what her customers want. That is fantastic!

Have a wonderful week, our first week in 2010!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Godt nytt år vennen.
    Nydelig veggheng du har laget.
    MAsse flott Linn-detaljer.
    Håper vi sees snart. Torsdag?

  2. Åhh..du e bærre råflink Linn <3
    E vil også lær om alt det stæsjet du bruka!! :) Enn gang...
    Å ja, vi snakkes vel på torsdag? ;)
    Klæm <3

  3. TAKK for at du deler detaljebilder, for dette er RÅ CANDY FOR ØYET!
    WOW! Er du gal??? Hvordan får du til alle disse lagene og så mye putta sammen og få det til å bli så lekkert og ikke bare en søle liksom?
    NYYYDELIG! Rett og slett herlig å kikke på, og ja, jeg kan kikke lenge!
    DIGGER hjertet som stråler som en sol der i crackeleringen!!!!



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