11. desember 2009

Card made using Webster's pages and art mediums ♥

I so so so love art mediums. Playing with paint, molding paste, gesso, gel mediums and so forth. Its like I get in a special state of mind. And now incorperating it into my scrapbooking is awsome I think. Mixed Media totally fits with Scrapbooking!!

Well this card is made on a watercolor paper, pretty thick about 180 grams. Then I have used Gesso, as a base and then just played with the rest of the mediums. On the roof of the birdhouse I have added Gel Medium with texture in it and painted over that with Distress Crackle Paint. I love love love the birdies and Webster's pages! Their patterned paper is a work of art in itself!!

click on the pictures to see more details
The products used for this card I have bought at www.trel.no, it is an awsome store!! TreL is a store that has it all. Baking, Yarn, Scrapbooking products, Art Mediums and much much more!

Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend everyone!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Utrolig nydelig kort, Linn. Du er så fantastisk flink!

  2. Ja, dette kortet har jeg kommentert flere ganger før, men jeg gjør det gjerne igjen!

    Dette er bare RÅflott! FOR noen farger, og SÅ artsy! Du er kreativ til fingerspissen vennen, en kunstner!



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