2. november 2020

A poem from butterflies rising that sparked creating an Art Journal.

I found this wonderful author on Instagram and also her website butterflies rising. She writes such deep wonderful poems and also other thoughts. One I read just connected so deeply with me. The deep understanding in the authors words. I just had to Art Journal it. It gave me such release and acceptance. I am so grateful for so many of her writings. To find writings that just makes me nod and sigh.

Here is what was alive in me from these deep words from butterflies rising

"i forgive you...

for treating me the way you

felt about yourself

- butterflies rising

The wonderful words "Wild spirit, soft heart, sweet soul" is also from butterflies rising. 

A heart made in many layers. The copperygold pattern is under a layer of Self Leveling gel. So there is a depth there, that shows when you move the page. A heart with gold in it 💓 but also a heart that has been through some stuff. But remembering it's strength and compassion.

I read butterflies rising's poem as a reminder to keep a soft and compassionate heart.

More copperygold in a skin I made. The gold that is alive in the heart is also alive in the wise words from the poem💗 So I felt it fitting the gold showed up by the poem.

Art Journaling is truly a gentle therapy method for myself. Some pages I write and write, page up and down. Getting words out - to see them; brings such clarity. Sometimes I paint over them but remember the lesson from the page. This one gave me such feeling of gratitude. Lessons learnt from it.

Take care of yourself, you are so worth it! Love and light to you all 💗

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