26. mars 2015

Audiophile 4 Life - Mixed media layout

It must be at least a year since the last time I made a layout. Maybe even more :p.... I guess this one will never be called a clean and simple layout LOL! But I bet my love for layers and texture just had to express itself in some way.

This picture is such a precious one for me. It is one of the few pictures I have of my hubby from 1995. This picture was taken by a photographer for a local newspaper here in Bodø. Which made an article about my husbands love of Hi Fi.

"High fidelity—or hi-fi or hifi—reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound[1] to distinguish it from the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment, or the inferior quality of sound reproduction characteristic of recordings made until the late 1940s. Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has minimal amounts of noise and distortion and an accurate frequency response."
So I truly wanted it to be a layout that said a lot. So I have a panel that disguises some of the text, and also on the tag behind the picture. Hope you like the layout and can find the picture within ALL the layers and details LOL!

Here it is in all it's glory LOL! As I said,it's a lot going on here! I do not think I have ever used so many layers on a layout before. Oh how fun it is to push the boundries and just go for it! On this layout I have even used my sewing machine both behind the pictures, but that do not show up lol. But also around the edges of the orange paper on top and on the right :) 

I love using old necklaces as a decor element. To get the color I wanted, I used Alcohol Ink. Also on the chipboard from Creative Embellishments I used paint but also chunky metallics enamel. To give it more life and interesting details. I got this wonderful chipboard from my bestfriend Jorunn. She spoils me rotten with gifts all the time. I bet 25% of my creative space is from her ♥ She is a generous soul in all ways of the word ♥
 These patterned papers from KaiserCraft was kinda on the thin side really to use mediums.. even though I used matt medium and clear gesso to cover the paper, It still was very on the gentile side for use of mediums. So I was kinda careful and used mostly some paint, stamping and embossing. I also used some Gel Medium to make texture. It did not show as well up on the picture as I had hoped for. But IRL it is easy to see ;) I loove the button in brass I wish I had more than one of it hihi!

 I do not throw anything out, I mean well no not really. I fint a purpose for all my scraps and also things that might not be so "Inn" at the time. But at my house the all have a home. Because suddenly there is a use for them. Behind here I have used a lot of old scraps. The painted gold and blue thing on the right here is from an old dies I have. I have cut it and then had on gold leafing and paint :) The white card behind the picture with gold dots are from Project Life. That one is pretty new and had to find it's shining glory on this page :) All the buttons are also old finds, I have taken care of. I just had to cut off the ring thingy behind it, so I could adhere it flat on the layout.
 Here is the hidden panel I mentioned before. The clasp(? is it called that, do not remember ;) ) is holding the panel closed.
 There is a lot of text behind here, but all needed to go on this page. I really want to share this story with my daughter when she is older. So she can go read about her dad. Also on the tag behind the picture I wrote about the speakers. These were the one's that really got my hubby hooked and could never ever look back to a "regular" sound-system again.

 Well finally at the end of this blogpost hihi! AS you can see a layers and layers also with thread, old packing material, chipboard and a lot of paint. Finally I felt the layout had enough and I had to set it "free" to be as it is now ♥

Hopefully I will soon make some more Layouts, it was kinda tough getting back in gear... hopefully next time will be just as fun but maybe with more ease and trust that I can fix it ;) Scrapbooking and creating truly has muscles and it is important to take care of them.. something I plan to do in the future. If the health issues stabilize and let there be room for more fun hihi!

Challenges I am attending with this layout is: Scrappelyst - lag din egen bakgrunn
and also to the mixed media challenge at : Ett Trykk - bruk av søm og knapper (søm rundt noen kanter og bak og under flere lag. Knapper på høyre og venstre side av LOen.

Best wishes to you all, love and light!  

6 kommentarer:

  1. Helt fantastisk utrolig stilig!!

  2. Fytti denne var SUPERDIGG Linn!! Yes yes yes!! Tommel opp og hoppemegrundtsmiley!!

  3. Spennende bakgrunn du har laget.
    Tusen takk for at du deltar hos Scrappelyst.


  4. Denne var råstilig! Digger alle de forskjellige elementene du har fått med, og den skjulte teksten. Og kult at du har tatt i bruk et gammelt smykke.
    Tusen takk for at du deltar hos Scrappelyst!

  5. Bare ELSKER denne LO'en din <3 å gratulerer så masse som vinnern hos Scrappelyst <3



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