10. november 2014

Yes finally my blog is working again! Me and all the addons!

I never learn I guess lol! Now I had a new pop up blocker, that was messing with me! I was able to (thankfully) put something up in the TreL blog before this started. But hey I can log on again woho! So here is what I have not shown yet.

Yes I know there are NOT many updates in my blog, but hey working on changing my studio, while my daughter is sick and me too. Well then things take time. But every time I have the chance to create I get goosebumps! I just have to push all the mess on my desk, floor and so on up in a corner lol! I wanted to paint today, but just had to give up. I have to throw some stuff away first. Like all the pizzaboxes I have saved for some project in the future or all the jamglasses, boxes and so on.

(textbox and text from Silhouette studio also the scallop stencil background)
Ok I looove DIY, upscaling and redesign. But hey I have to have room to work too! I am not a hoarder on new things lol! But give me a cardboard box and I am so happy! Easy to please lol!
(Used the bottle to show the little but cute AJ book)
Well enough babling here are som pages I have made in my sweet AJ book from Ranger. This is the small version, sooo darn cute. I have gotten used to make BIG pages, the bigger the surface the more free I feel. But I was wrong I can feel free on any surface ♥

I played with Glass Bead Gel, textured paste, embossing enamel, stencils, soft pastels and more :)
The text I added with my vintage typewriter, love it!
I love the font on the old typewriters also using real cloth ribbon with black ink. It bleeds so beautifully in to the paper :)

The last page to show you all means a lot to me. I am what I would call now an activist. Like so many people today are starting to become. Well what kind of activist.. well one that wants the world to be more fair. That sharing, caring, showing respect, compassion really is important and essential.

So I found this quote and it says it all... and my thoughts were... Nr 1 why are we pointing fingers to people who already have little to share? But letting banks and the reaaally rich people "off the hook". Nr 2 Why is it ok for them to be greedy? Nr 3 Why do we accept/allow such greed? Do we belive they deserve more? For what? Is not a janitor just as important as a CEO of a corporation? I believe we are all equal. 
And it is really rubbing me the wrong way, when I see more and more greed. Also taking from those who do not have the resources to say enough is enough! So I am kinda not buying the old belief systems any more... Well I am kinda a hippie I think lol! Has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with humanity ♥ Politics are I think just as much a game as Monopoly ;) 
The mustache reminds me of the one in the monopoly game :) I just thought it fit so well with my need to put this on a page in my AJ book. I needed to paint out my frustration and impatience I guess ♥

Well that was all for now. Hope the health situation here at home will get better and my studio will soon be done. But so much got to get done before so... but good to have goals in life! Right!?

Have a good day everyone! Love and light to you all ♥

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