15. oktober 2014

Art Journal and Gold flakes I like!

I forgot to share this with you! I am working on my studio/craftspace. So my head is not prioritising like I usually do lol! Also with my ME being more active than last year at this time. I need a lot of downtime... so usually now my room would have been done in a week. I am on week five!!!

So I have to have some fun while I slowly start reshaping how I use my room. Here is what I made for the wonderful TreL.no shop. Linda who is the owner, gives me such awesome designer products. She knows what I like and when she asked me, what I thought of using Gold Flakes. I was like: did she read my mind? I have been wanting to use gold flakes since last Christmas. But had not gotten to it yet. My main plan is gold leafing and vellum. But I need my space to be pretty clean before I start with what I am planning lol! Also I have to get my Silhouette Cameo in place first. Got some ideas!! Happy!! 😄

Well enough babbling 😉 here is some pictures of the process making the Art Journal.... I love the sea beads (? I think they are called that?) I use them when making jewelry so why not use them in Art Journaling too?

Here they have gotten a layer of gold flakes on them. I looved that look, and will for sure make it again!

Look at all that yumminess! Here I am adding gold flakes on top of a layer of Molding Paste. I used a tree stencil and added a rough layer of Molding Paste. When it was dry I added glue for Gold Flakes and then the flakes.

Her I have used several layers of paint and more Gold Flakes. I love to work in layers with color. The background was pretty textured from the paste, something I think is a nice touch. I could of course add the flakes when the background was finished. But I wanted some of the paint to rub of on the shiny trees to. To give even more play in the gold finish.

This spread is about my relationship with nature and especially trees. I love them deeply and they give me such calm when I am around them. I am very active in trying to take care of the planet as much as I can. Get my carbon footprint as low as possible. Of course this will come through in my Art Journal.

The text says: Plant some trees it's nature's Gold ♥ Had to have some more gold flakes on the GOLD word lol. This page is so shiny wohoo!

Also I had some more gold on these sweetest hearts from Wycinanka, they are so adorable. So they are kinda like small lovely seeds falling from the trees 🌟

Well that was all for now. Gotta get back to getting my studio up and running. It is amazing how much I have saved the last ten years. But hey I se gold in everything, may it be an old Pickle jar, cans and so on... so it takes time to sort out what to keep and not. There is so much ideas connected to every thing I have in my room. Also I hate to waste or just chuck something out, that is usable lol!

Wish me luck everyone, hope to be finished before my birthday in nine days.. but it does not look good so far hihihihi!

Best wishes to you all dear ones ♥ Linn

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