17. september 2014

Shine on Shine on ♥ Gold flakes are fun to play with

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to show you a card I made for TreL some days ago. I am in gold leafing mode! It has been several years since I played around with it. Wow it is fun fun fun! It can be kinda messy but with a little practice it is no big thing!

Here I am putting on the real type of glue you should use. It is a little smelly but not to bad. But my doggie did NOT like the smell. He seriously gave some big sneeze's because he is so curious on what I am doing. Even though I had him pretty far away in my room, he just had to come up and check what mama was doing lol! So it is a good thing to have a ventilated space while gluing ;)

When the layer is dry (drying time depends on your climate but about 15-30 min.) the layer will be really sticky and transparent. That is when the gold goes on. It works just as magic! It is so fun to do! I have read you can also use Mod Podge, I have tried it. It works fine. But I do not know if the gold will change color since Mod Podge is a wet glue. You can also use Glue powder or Glue pad that you heat up to become sticky. I know it handles gold leafing very well :)

Here is a whole sheet covered with gold leafing and I tested it in my Cuttlebug with a Tim Holtz dies.
It went through as butter and gave the edges a nice finish. I was worried it would just stay white, but the die soften the edges so perfectly. So you see gold all over ♥
I love to look at this picture with all the yummi labels and tag with gold on them. The white areas on some of the labels I did deliberately. To give a brushed and tarnished look. Hope you liked it!

Here is my finished card ♥
I have used Bazzill Classic Craft Cardstock, black Gesso, white gel pen, some ribbon, stickers from MME. Gold flakes and Papirdesign pop up dots.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Love and light to you all ♥ 


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