24. juli 2014

Bedridden again but my heart has a need to share some thoughts with you all ♥

My M.E is acting up again, with several infections so I am bedridden. Oh what would I do without internet lol. Internet is wonderful! I can connect with my loved ones when I am too exhausted to see them in real life. I can follow the news, watch some tv or just live on Pinterest lol!

Pinterest is an addiction for sure lol! Also I love Youtube! I so miss contributing with videos myself. I miss being creative, painting, experimenting. I try to Art Journal a little in bed, but it takes to much energy often. So I have a notebook by my bed where I write my ideas and thoughts on future projects ♥ I am for sure an artist now, I have realized it... it is a way of life for me

But being sick makes it sometimes difficult to enjoy being an artist. But because I can focus on creation and inspiring projects. I do my best to not focus so much on my suffering as sick. The M.E can really take up to much space in my life and my families life. But it will NOT get to take up space in my thoughts and dreams! I have M.E but I am NOT M.E. I am so thankful that scientist now are more curious on trying to figure out the disease. There are so many young people living with this and it is not ok! Also it will be good to get real scientistic facts on the table. So the sick can focus on getting better and not teaching healthcare providers what they are going through. Because nowadays it is like it is the M.E sufferers responsibility on every level. Of course it is my responsibility to take care of myself in the best way possible. It is my responsibility to carry my own burdens. But it is not my responsibility to see to that I get treated with respect and compassion. That is up to each and every one of us on planet earth. To see one another ♥

I think that is why I am hurt so terribly for the conflict in Israel/Gaza. It is so horrific that today in 2014 we still can not see each other... Peace is not created because of war. Peace is created out of compassion, understanding, respect, love and forgiveness. Russel Brand said something that hit me. He explained that for each bomb that hits the ground, is like seeds for more suffering, hatred and fear. 

(click on the picture to get to a peaceful Facebook group) 
The media also share almost 24/7 on how they hate each other. How those who uses force are threatening and bombing each other. But I miss the voices of those who want peace, harmony and who are helping each other in this terrible conflict. But thankfully we have INTERNET! We the people all over the world, can be heard ♥ I love what I am seeing all over the world. People speaking up and saying ENOUGH! By using Twitter, Fb and so on. But also a lot of hatred gets spread, but it is then up to us how we meet the hatred. 

You can not put out a fire with more fire!!

I hope one day I will get rid of the M.E that keeps me housebound and often bedridden. I have so many plans, one of them is to do my part to create as much peace as I can ♥ Everyone can make a difference, we just got to believe ♥

We are all responsible for what we put out in the world. If it is using internet, our voice, our hands, our feet. Be the best version of yourself every day. And those days when it is hard, forgive yourself. You can make new choices in every moment, nothing is carved out in stone. So be your best, open your heart and have the humility to understand that what you know as truth today.... may not be the case tomorrow. When we know better, we do better ♥

(click on the picture to get to a peaceful Facebook group) 
For those who live in fear, in suffering, in sorrow. I send my heartfelt hugs and best wishes for you♥♥♥

I want to share one last thing before I go. Watch this wonderful video, it is just a five minute clip. But in those five minutes I hope you will feel the connection, like i did ♥

Love and light to you all♥

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