25. juni 2014

Photo"negative" with Khadi Papers and Gouache paint!

Hi everyone! Nice to see you here ♥ Today I want to show something, I really do not know what to call. I have this wonderful picture of my daughter that a wonderful photographer has taken. But it did not look like this when she had edited it lol! I have kinda played a lot with it in my editing software. I call it a Photo"negative". In a way it is just that. The dark was light and the light was dark.... I just wanted to make a really popkinda picture for my daughters room. She loves turquoise so I wanted that to be the dominant color.

I have printed the picture on the wonderful Khadi Paper, this is the A4 150 gsm sheets. The paper took the ink just wonderfully from my printer.
 I L O V E Khadi Paper! I was pretty hesitant to add any kind of medium or paint to the surface. Because it could smear the ink. But the ink stabilized so beautifully in the background. But if I had added a lot of water with a brush on the darkest parts, it would have removed some of the ink. But by using Gouache paint and working in layers with a little paint at a time. It went just fine! Easy does it and patience ♥ 

I am so sorry for the glare from the glass in the picture. Gotta get a better lens and filter for this kind of objects lol! But you pretty much can see how it would look on a wall. I tried also with a white frame and a white background. But my daughter liked it best with the black. It popped more from the wall, so I understand why ;) Her wish is my command lol! So it should be when it is a picture for her room ♥

Well that was all for today, I am really working on my blog skills! I got to be more regular at posting. But it also has to do with my energy levels, but I am working on it!
I hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are, love and light to you all ♥ 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det ble utrolig stilig! Heldig hun som får ha et så fint bilde på rommet sitt!

  2. Knall stilig bilde :) Kan godt tenke meg hun var fornøyd med det ja :)



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