13. februar 2014

Love Hearts for my husband ♥

Hi just wanted to show you my papermache heart I made :) I design for www.trel.no and just had a plan from the start when I could choose the products. A heart for my hubby. Inside I have filled it with Love Hearts with all the wonderful sayings :)

So I got so inspired by the candy I had to make the big heart as a Love Heart. His favorite color is green, so of course it had to be Love Heart Green *wink*

Also had to make a luscious red bow to make it look more inviting to open. Hope you like it :)
I have mixed the paint with Molding Paste to let it be really toothy and coarse. Also as matte and almost candylike when you feel it. Just as Love Hearts feels like ;) Gotta keep true to the original :)
I also made the heart edge with molding paste and piped it on like you do on a cake. My hands were pretty steady, but not totally lol! Well home made you know, gotta have its quirks ;)
Yummy! But I was supposed to also put in a couple of homemade chocolate bars with cognac in them. But my energy level is kinda low. But my hubby was happy with the sweet candy, thankfully ♥

The 12th of February is our wedding day, and Valentine on the 14th! Lots of love in February lol! Hope you have a wonderful day and a good valentine too ♥

Best wishes from Linn

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