16. juli 2012

My creations from April and May

As I said with my last post, I am wayyy behind on getting things uploaded in my blog. So today I will fill up some more. Summer cleaning takes time lol, at least when I have forgotten the basic TLC. But I think I have learned my lesson :)

So here are some projects I worked on. This card I made for a tutorial at TreL's blog. 
Were I show creative ways of using Templates/Masks/Stensils.
Tags are fun to play with :) Lot of stencils used here:) Layers and layers of them and stamps and paint:)
 This Tag I am not sure I am finished with. But I will show it anyway. I truly love to play with texture, depth and layers. On this one the "branches" are course from Tim Holtz distress embossing powder. The hearts and dots are soft and raised from Light Molding Paste. I love seeing and feeling the texture. Probably why I use alot of time on a single project lol!
 Can you see the texture, fun fun fun!
Here is another unfinished tag I made during the making of the Tutorial. Showing how to use stencils with my cuttlebug and embossing sheet. I dont have the habbit of showing things not finished. But the technique is so fun, so I am bending my own rule lol:) I first misted my tag with water, painted the stensil with acrylic paint. Then positioned the stensil on the tag, then sandwiched the plates for my cuttlebug. The result is wonderful I think:) It is a wonderful texture and depth. Its gonna be fun to finish it☺
Here are two more tags I made for tutorials at TreL.no. The fence I made from a homemade stencil, and also used a stamp with woodgrain motif. The reason it is so popped up is thanks to Scrapdots. Awsome produkt for sure! If you want to see and read the tutorial press HERE The only thing it is in Norwegian, but alot of pictures to see:))
 See the red button in the middle of the heart. It has a big clasp on the backside and I could not chop it off. Because the button is so britle and old. That I used alot of Scrapdots, and it held it! Strong stuff♥
This last picture I just want to share a discovery I made while making the different tutorials. I have used Craft Tags and they are wonderful. BUT they get really crinkly with the slightest touch of moisture! See the grey one it is kinda wavy? Well the right one, has been worked so much harder with moisture. But it is flat right? Well I found out by accident lol, that if you paint a layer of Goosebumps on top of the layers on the tag, or even on the backside of the tag. When it is dry, it makes the tag flat again. It is not as stiff as it was originally. But it is amazing. I have not tried it on thick manilla tags yet. But at least on uncoated tags, it works, yeayyy love these kind of discoveries!

I have more to update in my blog, I am still behind. But its comming, Im getting in the habit of thinking of my blog again. I guess thats a good sign hihi!

Have a happy day everyone, enjoy it with all its beauty♥

3 kommentarer:

  1. Mangle flotte tags. DIgga veldig den med hjertene på. Go klem!

  2. Så mange dødslekkre tags da ,DIGGER fargene du har brukt , å søm er bare så stilig , ha en deilig dag =)

  3. Elsker artikkelen du har skrevet om stensiler! Og ikke minst alt du har laget til å bruke i artikkelen! Elsker det du lager snuppa!! :)



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