21. februar 2012

AJ second places♥

I seriously need to dust off my blog. I have been pretty creative the last month,but getting it posted in my blog.... well seriously i forgot LOL. Been doing alot of Designer work, so all my attention has gone there:P

So this post I will just show some of the AJ's I have done for fun, even one I did in bed. My ME has been acting up really bad since november. But with good guidence from my doktor. I am very slowly getting my feet under me again. It is wonderful, but also hard. Because I am impatient. So much I want to do, but I have to pace myself. Not bite over more than I can chew sort of speak lol.

The three AJs I will show now, was all runner ups in three different challenges at Casakreativ.no. Sweet wonderful Camilla runs every month a challenge called CASA♥AJ's. Her challenges always hit home with me. I have had many aha moments thanks to her. Also Camilla and CASAkreativ's founder Ruffa had weekend challenges, it also was right on the nose for what I needed that weekend♥  It is pretty unique to get three runner up places. I NEVER get that far usually. So I did not get bummed out for comming second. But more fasinated that I got so many votes♥ I see it as a gift, my pages touches others. Im on to something *sigh*

The first one I want to show you,  is a page made for Ruffas challenge. It had to have alot of colors and hot weather ballon(s), also I think the prompt was about freedom:) This was what I got out of it♥

 Love my Inktense pencils, they are so vibrant in colors. First I used a stencil and some Goosebumps, before starting layering all the colors.
Offcourse I have to get some depth effekt lol. Love making pages almost 3D if I can. Proud to say I made my weatherballoon all by my selv, no clippings from a magazine. I am not that good of a drawer but I am working on it:) The "hinges" I made out of molding paste and some paint.
 Love Gandhi♥ Wise man thats for sure!
 To place the sign on top of the lace, I used ScrapDots. AMAZING product. I heard of it from a video with Donna Downey. I was so happy when TreL  got it in her shop. I love that you can glue it on almost anything and you have the choice on how dimensional you want it to be. Have not seen anything like this before!!
The next one, I still can't see why it got so far. Maybe the topic hit home? Technique vice it was NOT one of my better ones. But it meant alot to me. This is the one I made in bed, not in the best shape. I guess the page says it all, right?
Sorry for the small picture and bad quality. It was just snapped in a hurry. The page is made an regular printer paper!! This is really a small doodling book I have by my bed. But got my hubby to get my Lumiere paints, a couple of stamps. The tag is covered with washi tape, and some prima alfabet stickers.

The last one was alot of work with. Mainly because I bought the wrong stencil *sigh* I LOVE Crafters Workshop stencils. Well they have some tree stencils I so have waited for getting a hold of. Well there are to different ones. The positive and the negative part of the tree. I bought the one that makes the outline of the tree. But I wanted the one where I could use molding paste or some other goodies in it. The store I bought it from was sold out. So I found out, ok Linn. Just use the stencil you have got. And just cut out all the branches afterwords. When I get an idea I just cant stray from it lol. So I have with the help of my skalpell cut out all the brances on this page! Yes I KNOW I am nuts. The word no does not fit in my vocabulary hihihi! Ok enough rambling, here is the page.

 See all the branches, well I am truly pretty patient I guess. Listening to my Ebook and handcutting is kinda a perfect moment for me♥
I have even more to show you, but now blogger seems to have had enough. It is getting really slow and wont upload any more pictures. So I guess it is best to call it quits for now.
I will try to do better this year with my blog. I am truly not a stable blogger lol! But I will try my best!
Have a wonderful week everyone! Hugs from me to you!

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  1. Nydelige AJ - sider du har laget :-)

  2. Åh.. utrolig flott Linn!! AJ kurs ønskes.. klem S :)

  3. Åh...du er flink med AJ også du, Linn:) Herlig altså! Gøy å se at flere og flere erfarne scrappere hiver seg på AJ-bølgen. Er bare i startgropa sjøl - men artig er det:)



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