21. november 2011

Art Journal - No one owns the the whole truth, knowledge is something we share♥

Here is a AJ page I forgot to show you all :) It was for a promt at Casakreativ.no. Where we should be inspired by the words: It's ok if you dont know everything. Also stamps and the color orange had to be incorparated:) My take on it, is trying to explain how I view knowledge and how the level of knowledge can be used to tell others what is the truth or tell them they dont know the truth. Whatever the topic, theme or point of view the knowledge is about.

In my world, no one owns the truth, does not have the whole truth. We have bits and pieces of knowledge. That is ok, its a good thing. It is what we use our knowledge for and how that is important. If we could see that together we know more, understand more and can be able to see more of the topic/picture or what the matter is at hand. We should share knowledge, see the beauty in sharing. Learing from each other♥ If I dont know something it does not make my value less. Or should I know more than someone else on a topic does not make me more important or worth more. Life is about learning, every day... Thats my "take" on knowledge, lets share and be happy LOL!

 By the way have I told you I LOVE LOVE LOVE orange! That color is just energy and love in my book. I could surround myself with orange. Thats why I love the fall. Ohh my I can loose myself in the colors, just in aww when I see beautiful leaves in vibrant colors. AWSOME!!
 The pages became really grungy looking, but with orange I just felt it was a good fit. I wanted to showcase contrast and vibrancy. I wanted it to pop out with alot of good feeling♥ Kinda like how Fall is, when I think about it♥

That was all folks lol! Next blogpost is Christmas thingys!! New Designer Team stuff for Papirdesign. Soon a new post, yeayyy!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Soon its christmas, wow where did the days and months go??!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Denne ble bare så utrolig kul. Så mange flotte detaljer og i herlige sterke farger!
    Jeg DIGGER AJ sidene dine !


  2. Digger!!! og ja, er så enig med deg når det gjelder oransje!!! Og denne siden bare oser av energi!!
    Digger deg!

  3. Denne er bare så full av hærlig energi og sanne ord!!
    Digger denne "sola" med svarte stråler, Linn!

  4. Nydelig AJ som får en til å tenke. Såå flott laget, jeg elsker glitteret. :)

    Klem, Anne.

  5. sååå snyggt! du har vrkligen förmedlat känslan!!!

  6. Så snille dere er altså, tusen tusen takk!

  7. Utrolig flott AJ-side Linn :)
    Jeg elsker disse sidene med så mange flotte, dype og artige visdomsord :)
    Herlig i rødt og sort og mange knall-tøffe detaljer :)



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