9. august 2015

I am in love with K-Designs from Sweden!

My very good friend Silje, surprised me with the most gorgeous patterned papers I have seen in a long time! She said they have written Linn all over them ♥ Then I got them in my hands, and I have not felt this kind of inspiration in years! I kinda went crazy with joy!

Not only are they truly gorgeous to look at! The quality is perfect for a mixed media girl like me! I have so looked forward to playing with them! They were just as wonderful as I thought. It feels almost like they have a resin coating on them. ( I have no clue, but they have a very cool finish!) So I went to town with some paint, sprays and OH MYYY!! They take mediums with no problem! I am just giddy inside of the thought! And I am sooo hoping more shops orders their gorgeous papers! K-Designs used to have a webshop. But now the producer is focusing on the production side instead. Si I hope they will be found on many social medias. Right now they have a blog that shows some of the collections. But I hope the whole series will be easy to find on the web in a while. I will at least do my best to shout out a big HELLOO to K-Designs! You rule!! I want the whole series of Color Explosion!!  I have to show you guys some of them!

I have borrowed the pictures from different webshops ;) Those were the ones I could find. Most shops in Norway have sold out several of them. That is a good sign right? :D

 So now to show you what I made! I do not have a picture of the original patterned paper. But it is easy to see how wonderful the paper is!

Hope you like my Layout ♥ It is colorful that is for sure! I have stamped with black and white in the background. Used a homemade stencil (the big circle shape misted with black in the background)

Since the background is so vibrant and has a lot going on. I just wanted to give it room to shine as it was. I wish I was better at taking photos, especially of things like glitter! It is hard, to get everything in focus, also hard to show the vibrancy. I adore, love, jump for joy for using Stampendous glitters and embossing products. They are so gorgeous and wonderful to work with! The glitter I have used on this one is Halo gold mix. 

I cut out the inside of the flower pattern some places on the background. To bring some white in to the mix. 
The black on the left is from an old stamp. The text behind it also. I had forgotten several old text stamps I had. Such a joy to find them again ♥

The words "be you" and the circle frame. Are both made in my Silhouette Cameo. It is my own handwriting, that I made to a cut file. Then I used my melting pot with different kinds of embossing powders mixed with ultra thick embossing enamel. To get more of a thick coat on the cutouts. I also painted it with a thin layer of Matte Medium, so the splashes of paint would stick better on it. I also did not want it to be very shiny. Matt medium does the trick ;) I used Dylusions inks since they are so vibrant. But added some Acrylic Glazing liquid and then flicked it on the frame and the title. I added the acrylic glazing liquid so that the Dylusions Ink would become permanent. 
The feathers I have made from different cutfiles, also some hand drawn. Which I have than added glitter to ♥ The peacock feather is from a stamp I bought off of Ebay. I soo love it!! I stamped it on a transparency and used my Sharpies to color it on the opposite side of where I stamped. I also stamped it once on vellum and used glitter on it. Then I adhered the vellum glitter feather with the transparent one. That is why you can probably see some glitter behind the turquoise color ;)  
The circle stencil shape can easily be seen here :) I have so many plans for it. With a Silhouette Cameo in my studio, any stencil is possible! But I am saving my money for a Bamboo tablet! Now I draw on my phone in an app. Or draw free hand and take pictures and use the image in my Silhouette program. There is always a way with the Cameo and Silhouette Studio. It has such range of usage, I learn something new every day I create with it! I will for sure save up money for the new one that is coming too! It will cut out chipboard! Not this thin "chipboard" that my cameo can cut right now. But seriously thick chipboard, some wood, and ohh I will for sure make and cut out even more stencils wohoo! Have some plans for home decor too with my own stencils. Just need my energy and health to get better.

Hopefully in few years there are good treatments for M.E. Than I will for sure take off like a lightning  bolt lol! Soo much to do and catch up on! Life is so precious, so fun and I just want to grab it to my chest and say "let's dance!" In the meantime I am learning what I can, the wonderful brain is still functioning pretty well so HIHI! Learning something every day is such a gift and pleasure ♥

Gosh I had a lot to say today lol! Hope you all are having a wonderful day ♥
Love and light to you all!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, fabulous page and awesome papers Linn.
    I live in Sweden but am sorry to say I have not heard of this manufacturer.....
    I will definitely check them out and hopefully I can create something as gorgeous as you did!!
    The colours are outstanding!! Take care!! xx

    1. Awe thank you Bente, you are such a sweetheart <3 I know right!!? How could this manufacture just go unnoticed?? They are so amazing! Some are really grunge, other delicate and sweet. I have read a lot about them. She had originally a webstore. But now she is going to focus all her attention on producing more paper collections! K-Designs even has stamps! Who knew lol! So I am gonna talk loud and spread the word about K-Designs so maybe more stores will order these gorgeous collections! Big hugs to you sweetie ♥

  2. Fantastisk flott vennen.. Men jeg er ikke overrasket, du er magisk når det kommer til dette ♥

    1. Åhh tusen tusen takk! :* Gullegode du altså!

  3. Denne LO-en Linn er bare sååååå herlig <3 Den oser av fargerik energi og skaperglede. Jeg så "drømmefangeren" med en gang og hele siden sa bare WOW! hos meg :D

    1. Åhh så artig at du så den! Er jo en passe fargerik LO fra før av hihi! Men måtte bare ha med da det bare sang drømmefaaanger hihihi! Tusen takk Barbro ♥



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