15. august 2015

Art Journal with no words..

Often my Art Journals do not take much time. Most of the time it is just an hour of fun to play. But this one, I truly needed to go deep. Both deep in my soul but also deep in layers and pushing my boundaries. I felt truly the need to reconnect with myself in a way...

I have no formal training of any kind in painting, drawing or art in general. So it is all through trial and error. I do sketch some in a book I have. But drawing and painting things that may resemble something real; I find kinda scary lol! Making abstract things, is in some ways easier. Not always but sometimes.. so well.. this is my practice on drawing and painting an eye.

My energy levels have been truly on the low side that last couple of weeks. So this page has been done, with many many sittings. Ten minutes here and there, layer upon layer.. I could still keep going for more details and seeing if there is more to do. But I also need to learn to let go and trust that it is good enough as it is ♥

Hope you like it ♥

The picture is not the best. I have gotten some dust on my camera's inner shell (?) where the mirror is. So I got to get a can of air to clean it up. So all my picture get kinda grungy and not clear. But it will have to do for now ♥

I have used a lot of different kinds of paints, mediums and pens. I even got my H2O's in action again! So fuuun! I have used both acrylics and different kinds of watercolors (mixed with airbrush medium instead of water) Some homemade stencils also got some playtime ♥ 

Trying to paint some kind of tears, lol. Need some more practice! Also drawing eyelashes, gosh golly they are not the easiest to draw!! 

Well that was all I had to show you today. Have a wonderful Saturday, where ever you are in the world ♥ Love and light to you all ♥

4 kommentarer:

  1. Rett og slett helt fantastisk Linn!! Jeg draes inn i det øyet og tenker på alt som ligger bak, både bak øyet og bak prosessen av denne siden!

    1. Åhh tuuuusen takk Marianne <3 Ble litt fri for ord her, god klem ♥

  2. Nice post. thanks for the shared with us. heather grey melange

  3. Eg er stum...denne er heilt magisk, fantastisk, nydelig!!!



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