11. april 2014

Want to show you a card and also explain my absence...

I have had a lot of neck pain and shoulder pain. But thought it will go over, it will pass... or maybe it's just my ME acting up. No big deal right?! Well no, because then I lost some of my senses in my hand. Also my arm! 

So finally I went to the doctor. I have a prolapsed disc in my neck.

Not like suuuper dangerous, I do not have to ware a neck brace or anything. It will most likely shrink and the senses will come back. Hopefully sooner rather than later lol!
I am seeing a physical therapist who is trying to manipulate my muscles. So there will be more room, but I just got worse. Also my ME symptoms got worse :P So for right now I just have to take it easy, keep movement in my neck, back and shoulders. But not aggravating the rest of my immune system. I got an inflammation also in the muscles. So easy does it.

BUT this has made my mood not as happy as usual. I did not understand how much I feel active and alive, by painting and creating something with my hands. Now I just feel kinda helpless and frustrated From Millan.Net

So I try to dabble a little here and there. Hopefully this will not take for ever to get better from. But now I have to listen to the body even more and just, yeah, take it slow :P 

But anyway, here is a card I made before my neck went bonkers lol! Hope you like it ♥

 Paint, paperclay heart I made and stamped in with alfabet stamps. A tag I have just played with, and also the gorgeous dots from Papirdesign ♥

Of course I have used som glitter on the heart lol, love the sparkles ;)

Well hope I won't be gone for months, will try to put up a project at least a couple a times a month. It all depends on how my healing goes. Will do my best!

Have a nice weekend everyone, best wishes to you all! 


3 kommentarer:

  1. Som "ex-sykepleier" har jeg full forståelse av hva du gjennomgår nå Linn! Sender deg mange, mange varme tanker ispedd solvarme, healende klemmer <3 Det kortet ditt var bare såååå gledesfylt - flinke du! :D <3

  2. wow for et herlig kort, rett og slett nydelig..

    God bedring til nakken din, håper det gir seg snart ♥

  3. Nei usjda!! :-(
    Riktig good bedring, sender noen vibber>>>>> ♥♥♥ >>>>>

    Kanonstilig kort forresten!! :-)



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