14. februar 2014

Hearts on a card - forgot to share here...

I made a heart card with lace and mediums. Thought it would be good to share today on Valentines day♥

I have used Papirdesign papers, stamp and dots :)

 I was supposed to make a "lace bowl", but the medium I used was not stiff enough. I was out of Extra Heavy Gel. So will try that again another time lol. Buut I got a bowl kinda shape anyways, so I just cut it down to a big heart. I also had a layer of Mod Podge Sparkle on to get it to give a wonderful glitter effect.

The words says Thank you. I used Embossing Enamel in two layers and than stamped in the warm enamel. Worked like a charm ;)

Here you can see it is pretty thick. The background is pretty distressed along the sides, but it was to give a tender effect. A tender heart kinda right?!

Hope you liked it :)

Also if you are a crafter like me who neeever get enough stuff lol! The Paper Crafting Scandinavia is having a biiig giveaway! Go check it out -> http://thepapercrafting.com/?p=2506

Have a great Valentine everyone, with someone or by yourself. Just remember to be kind to yourself♥ Best wishes Linn

3 kommentarer:

  1. Mye flott i bloggen din!
    Nydelig kort! Kjempeflott med tyllhjertet og stensilstrålene!
    Ha en fin helg og en nydelig Valentinskveld :o)

  2. Så nydelig tyllhjerte, lekkert med de små hjertene inni! :)

    Klem, Anne.

  3. Åh, dette er så flott Linn!
    Det er så herlig hvordan det "stråler" ut av hjertet! Og så morsom idè med tyllen!

    Ha en fortsatt flott og kreativ uke!
    Stor klem fra



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