1. november 2013

CASAkos was so fun!

It really got my creative juices going. Here are some projects I made.

The wonderful thing with CASAkos, is that there is something for everyone. From knitting, to painting. Love it! So I got to paint some, scrapbook some and also make some tags.

I have so wanted to scrapbook this picture. My daughter and goddaughter loves to play in anything resembling water lol! Here they are at the beach, but the were digging for the mud. They achieved their goal lol! They were sooo muddy, even my washing machine needed a bath afterwords *giggle*! 

Made this to remind my daughter of this! Not all days feels so perfect, but it is true: we are perfect just the way we are. We are the choices we make, and we can only make one conscious choice at a time. So give yourself a break. Be kind and loving to yourself, just as you would with your family and close friends ♥

I sooo want to redo my blog, but I have the old blogger design and html. I have tried to look at how to transfer it to a newer version. But I guess my talent for doing that, is rather slim lol! So do you have any good tips were I can find out how, I would be very thankful ♥

Have a wonderful weekend, much love and light to you all!!  

3 kommentarer:

  1. Så flotte kreasjoner! Liker godt tagen, så fin stil og herlig budskap.
    Lekre nyanser og herlig bilde på den rosa LO-en. Digger det lille fotoalbumet. :)

    Klem, Anne.

  2. THANKS for your lovely comment on my photo tutorial! I see you are on the same team as my friend Christin!! Beautiful mixed media work here :)



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