9. oktober 2012


Finally I can get in my blog again!!! I have not been able to access my blog for almost two months. I was so frustrated and just could not figure out what was wrong.

Finally after trying almost everything I remembered ... hmmm maybe it is one of my addons or security blockers. YES it was. I could not even see the log in bar at the top.

So now finally I can use my blog again! I was doing so well on getting my blog up and running after the summer. Hopefully now I wont add on any more security blockers lol! Or at least now I know what to do :)

So before I post Art Journals, Cards or Layouts. I would like to show you a canvas I made for my best friend. She has been like a sister and means the world to me♥ She is now very sick and has battled with cancer for 10 years. But now there is not anything more that can be done. But she is cherishing every day she has left. She does it with such love for all around her. She makes us all shine brighter, she is the definition of generosity and happiness.

So she asked me for a painting. If I could paint an abstract colorful painting for her.... I have painted some, but do not feel like a professional. So bare in mind this is my awkward steps in to big canvas work. I put layers of feelings on this painting thats for sure.....

Her it is I call it: The endlessness of love♥
Unfortunately the lighting was not perfect when I took the pictures. So the depth is not easy to see, pluss some of the areas look kinda matt, but they are not IRL. It is also a little blurry ups!! But it was a time crunch kinda moment so... this is the best I got :P If you see my blog banner, you can really see the depth in the "window/opening/seed/gate" Thats what I have heard it described as of those who have seen the painting ;)
 Closeup of the texture.
Next time I will show some of the awesome products from Papirdesign.no :)

Have a peaceful and wonderful day♥ Hugs from Linn :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Et vakkert maleri til en vakker kvinne, malt av enda en vakker kvinne ♥♥♥

  2. Det er helt utrolig kor fint det malerie er..♥

  3. Awwww tusen tusen takk fineste fineste Marianne og Jorunn♥

  4. Helt fantastisk! *stum* ....
    Ufattelig fine detaljer og teksture i teknikkene dine, digger effekten!



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