11. mars 2012

I love Finnabair♥♥ AJ very inspired by her♥

Finnabair is an incredible artist, I so love the energy and vibrancy in her work. I just had to try out creating a page with her expression of colors and techniques. It was sooooo fun, but not as easy as someone might think. Here we talk about alot of layers of colors, even letting some of them almost turn to mud to get the real grunge effect. But Finnabair is the master and I now even more love her work. She is in her on amazing league and it was an honor to try to understand her work through my own pages♥ I really hope one day I will be able to attend one of her classes♥
 I went a little far with grunging, but hey thats how I learn. From my mistakes♥ Its a great gift really:) Finnabair always has a kind of calmness in her pages, a focus point and a harmony... I did not "get" that, but this is HER style. So I must say it is ok, we all have our own unique expression♥ So the most important lesson is be yourself, but it is ok to try on other expressions. Thats a good way to understand someone else...
 I will never give up hoping and dreaming for peace, and harmony in the world.....

 The flowers are Tim Holtz, and I kinda melted them a little. I just had no restrictions or a careful touch, tried to be bold and open for a new experience...
 Alooot of layers lol, awsome fun!
I am so happy for my new AJ book, now I have a few books lol. So I always have an on going project, love it!!
Have a nice sunday everyone♥

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow!!!! Helt F A N T A S T I S K Linn!! ♥♥♥ Et utrolig fargespill, fantastiske farger og lag og en vidunderlig tekst! Jeg skjønner jo godt hvorfor du elsker Finns arbeider, er jo der selv også :D
    Og du sier mye sant her, hun har sin stil, det er ikke noe mål å kopiere det, men finne sin egen som man trives med.
    Jeg ser jo at du har storkost deg med disse sidene :)
    Mange gode klemmer til deg på en god søndag :)

  2. Denne var kjempekul. Flotte detaljer du har fått med. Jeg bare digger denne stilen :-)



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