7. mai 2011

Scrapping everyday Miracles

.. is a new inspirational blog, on scrapbooking the beautiful moments we experience in life. From the small to the big experiences :) I am not a christian or follow any exact religion. I am more a Deepak Chopra kinda girl, but it is all the same. We just have different ways of expressing how we love life. We all have the same needs:  love, air, water, food, respect, friendship, and so on.. so to celebrate life in our own way is wonderful I think.... really feeling thankful and being in the moment and feel life right then and there. The moment is all we have. So I am looking forward of following this blog, to celebrate life and all that is in it♥
Would you like to follow the blog to?
click on the banner :) They are opening June 1!! They have a big giveaway right now, stop by and take a look for yourself :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ps I have forgotten that I do have followers from other countries then Norway, lol! So I will do better, I will write more in English!

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