2. oktober 2010

Art Journaling - 21 Secrets

I have just joined the most AWSOME Workshop ever!!

If you are in to Art Journaling, want to learn more about it, need new fuel and inspiration. I will strongly suggest go check out 21 Secrets - An Art Journal Playground. There is hours and hours of videos, pdfs, its a ning community (I think that is what its called LOL), and so much more! It opened today, so what are you waiting for ♥♥♥ Also it is only up and running until 31 of January 2011, then it shuts down. So waiting to make up your mind is just a waste of time *smile*

Just click on the picture and it will get you to the right place, hope to see you there :)

Have a good weekend everyone xoxo!

1 kommentar:

  1. Åååå?! Dette må sjekkes ut! Trenger inspirasjon sååååårt. Tusen takk for superkoselig melding i bloggen, det satt jeg veldig pris på!

    Stooooor klem til deg fra meg



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