26. juli 2009

This was supposed to be to a challenge at OLW, but..

..I thought the deadline was the 27th not the 24th. Well well thats okay, nothing to do about that. Also I am so glad I got so inspired by this challenge. When I saw the word it was like somebody had started me up with jumperkabels! Had to create right away! And and I could not even sleep cause I thought about it thru the whole night LOL!
The word this time was WHY, this is my interpetation of it;)

The journaling says:

Why? This three letter word is a profound and important word. This is a word that has been a vital word in my upbringing. In every situation my mother and father always asked why. This little word makes us open our mind instead of making up our mind. The word why I belive would help stop conflicts and even stop wars. The word makes a human being think befor he acts. Also Listen before judging.

Under the picture it says: Why is a word that also can be used destructively. By using the word personal. Why did this happen to me? I could sure enough use it personally in my own situation. Because I am sick and my prognoses is many years with pain and total lack of energy. BUT I dont believe that this is personal, nobody has given this illness to me. So I choose to keep my mind open for knowledge and free from bitterness and hatred. Instead I ask why does so many have and get this illness M.E? Hopefully one day I will konw the answer....

Here are som closeups of the layout.
Just remember to dobbelclick on the pictures :D

On this layout I have used Prima Patterned paper, those stitched ones of mulberry, OMG I LOVE them. Well I love everyyything about Prima. Primas products are like jewlery for me LOL, sigh can never ever get enough of it!! Okay enough ranting about Prima hihihi! I have also used some layers as always LOL! MME patterned red paper all the way in the back. Then a hmmm think basic grey patterned paper (the green one) I seriously have hand stitched ALOT on this one. Not so pretty ( it is scrappers floss that I have inked to be the right green color, yes I know I am totaly nuts hihi), but I wanted it to match the sewing on the Prima paper :P The white paper is a Bazzill Cardstock and in this idea of using white on top is all thanks to Ingvild Bolme.

Okay a little bit off topic, but I have to praise two girls today, who are with me thru thick and thin, even on my painfull days...

One of my big inspirations and a girl who totally rocks!! I know I mention her alot here LOL but she has become a dear dear friend, and she is just as beautiful as a person as she is talented... that pretty much says it all. Ingvild has such a big heart, such a honest soul, I just want to be good to her, cause she deserves it so much..... Also Triurine, Trine is a big big inspiration. When I just freeze up and cant get my mojo going, I stop by at Trines blog. This girl also totally rocks my socks of! She is incredible, and when I have a really bad day, I truly need Trine-vibes, Seriously after talking to her for like ten minutes I am laughing and giggling like a little girl! Love you Trine, your a really good friend!

Okayy back on topic LOL. What more did i use, hmm lets see.........

GLIMMERMIST (offcourse!!!!!!)
PAINT (also offcourse LOL)
Misc Chipboard elements
Melissa Frances
Glitter Glaze - used it on the background all the way around the edges and also on the word Why and the butterflies. Dont know what Glitter Glaze is? Pop by www.trel.no, she has it and got me hooked on it, yeayyy!! Ohhh just a week until she opens her new store OMG I am having serious butterflies!! OMG off topic agaiiin!

Well just ask if you are wondering about something with the Layout...

Thanks for stopping by, and would love to hear what you think about when you dvele on the word Why.... And anotherting, OLW is just a awsoooome site!! LOVE IT!!

7 kommentarer:

  1. for en nydelig lo, Linn! digger journalingen din, og skrifta! likte godt bildet ditt, og hvordan du har brukt det for å få fram budskapet ditt!
    ...Og tusen takk for gode ord, du betyr veldig mye for meg også, og det håper jeg du veit? Husk at du er en stor inspirasjonskilde for mange andre også, med inkludert! lærer så mange morsomme teknikker og slikt av deg!
    håper jeg snart fåt møtt deg alså! det hadde virkelig vært kirsebæret på isen!:D

  2. Så dyp og spennende lo. Flotte detaljer.

  3. Utrolig flott Lo! Nydelig arbeid på alle lagene, og ett vakkert tema du har scrappet:)

  4. åh..... hvor er den dog bare nydelig, super flot journaling også, jeg kan ikke så godt engelsk så har ikke læst din tekst,kan du have en fortsat god sommer søde.

  5. Så vakker denne var Linn!! Flott med masse journaling:)

  6. Denne var utrolig flott, Linn.
    Og flott tekst på den også.
    Vi sees i kveld. Gleder meg :)

  7. UTROLIG lekker LO Linn! *stående applaus!*
    Bruk av hvit Bazzill var bare lekkert her, dette greide du meget bra! Utrolig flott arbeid på ALLE måter! Likte også veldig godt bildet, passet såååå bra til temaet! Deilige farger, og igjen, HAUGEVIS av utrolige detaljer! Du er bare helt unik der vennen!!!



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